Why to choose Azure for your SAP?

The trusted path to enterprise-ready innovation in the cloud—bringing the intelligence, security, and reliability of Azure to your SAP applications

INSOMEA made the first SAP on Azure migration in the region in collaboration with Aymax. The company has a team full of Azure certified experts that make any migration smooth, quick and successful.
So, what makes this combination so powerful and what are its added values and benefits?

AZURE is a cloud platform optimized for SAP

Azure is SAP certified to run your mission-critical SAP applications. It is the industry’s most performant and scalable SAP cloud infrastructure, offering 192-gigabyte to 12-terabyte SAP HANA–certified virtual machines in more regions than any other public cloud provider.

Save your costs

INSOMEA will migrate your workloads to the cloud with several aspects that will help you reduce the cost of the overall solution. Many of these are included under the cost optimization pillar of the Azure Well-Architected Framework. After migrating SAP solutions to Azure, you have more opportunities, and we will intervene to perform cost optimization.

A TEI study commissioned by Forrester Consulting showed that after migrating traditional SAP infrastructure to Azure, organizations can achieve a return on investment of more than 100% within three years and pay back the investment within nine months.

Make the first innovative move with Microsoft services

INSOMEA will extend your SAP applications and data by creating new features using services such as GitHub and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).
In addition to that, we will help use SAP applications and data with Microsoft Teams and Office applications in Microsoft 365 to improve collaboration and improve user experience.

INSOMEA’s experience and credibility

With More than 11 Gold competencies, INSOMEA achieved 5 advanced Specialization that show case their extensive expertise in those specific workloads.
A Microsoft Cloud Partner since 2018, INSOMEA gained a great deal of experience
Awarded partner of the year 2020 in Bahrein & Partner of the year 2021 in Tunisia, INSOMEA collaborates closely with Microsoft to deliver advanced cost-effective solutions to its clients

Highly advanced analytics and new insights

we can help you use Microsoft Power BI to visualize data and use Microsoft Power Platform to build low-code applications and workflows.

Through a Combination of SAP and non-SAP data and apply advanced data services such as analytics and artificial intelligence to extract real-time and predictive insights for better business results.

Security & compliance

Our highly experienced, certified Azure security team of experts & architectures will help you improve your SAP security performance. Your SAP data is likely to be a treasure trove of your organization’s technical footprint. Therefore, we focus on using strong authentication to protect access to the SAP infrastructure, protect your applications and data from network vulnerabilities, and maintain data integrity through encryption methods.

SAP on Azure is delivered on the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud model. This means that INSOMEA integrates security protection into services at the physical data center, physical network, physical host, and hypervisor levels.

Trust a highly experienced company for migrating your SAP on Azure in the most efficient and performant way. INSOMEA will deploy your SAP application to the most secure environment using Azure Security Center for advanced threat protection and Azure Active Directory for identity management.