INSOMEA awarded with advanced specialization by Microsoft

More than Gold, we are advanced specializations experts!

Great news for everyone out there who wants to make the jump to the cloud! Our team has recently earned new Microsoft specializations for our expertise in helping organizations move to the cloud!

Microsoft awards the advanced specialization only to partners that meet stringent criteria around customer success and staff skilling, with extinctive successful experiences in deploying and implementing various Microsoft solutions in different fields.

These awards approve our enrolment as a qualified partner in adoption and change management, Teamwork deployment, Identity and Access Management, Information Protection and Governance and Threat Protection.

Our company also provides lots of high-quality services to the clients when it comes to establishing a strategy for our customers’ information security, We also master the cloud computing on the strategic and operational plan; thanks to more than 20 Microsoft Certified expert in our team.

With More than 14 Gold competencies, INSOMEA achieved 6 advanced Specialization that show case their extensive expertise in those specific workloads.

What is advanced specialization and how INSOMEA fulfilled them?

Advanced specialization is the verification of a Microsoft partner’s ability to provide high-fidelity services in a specific solution area. It is a customer-facing tag that is displayed on a partner’s business profile in the catalog. It allows them to demonstrate their differentiated skills.

In order to earn an advanced specialization, a partner must first earn the consistent gold qualification competency.

Moreover, to obtain an advanced specialization some requirements are mandatory:

  1. Get and maintain a gold status at a constant gold level
  2. Meet the required performance threshold
  3. Have a full certified expert Team
  4. Meet additional requirements that may include:
    • Verifiable customer references
    • Public case studies
    • Microsoft technology performance indicators
    • Architectural review

INSOMEA now counts 6 advanced specialization: 2 in the teamwork deployment and 3 in the cloud security. And now the company became “The first Advanced Specialized Partner in Security of the Region”:

Adoption and change management :

INSOMEA demonstrated deep knowledge, extensive experience, and proven success driving Microsoft 365 usage and organizational change. The company by providing adoption and change management services obtained the Adoption and Change Management advanced specialization.

Teamwork deployment :

The company has earned recognition for its experience and has proven success deploying Microsoft 365 Teamwork workloads.

Meetings and Meeting Rooms for Microsoft Teams :

This Modern Work Advanced Specialization showcases INSOMEA’s proven expertise in deploying and managing Teams Meetings Room Devices, Network, Planning and Remediation for Meeting workloads.

Identity and Access Management :

INSOMEA revealed in-depth knowledge, great experience, and proven expertise in deploying Microsoft Identity workloads with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

Information Protection and Governance :

The organization validated its capabilities to deploy Microsoft Information Protection workloads and provide proactive strategies that enhance data security for its customers.

Threat Protection Deploying Microsoft :

Threat Protection, Microsoft Cloud App Security, or Azure Sentinel workloads INSOMEA with its big expertise & deep knowledge can differentiate its capabilities to customers with the Threat Protection advanced specialization.

It took INSOMEA a lot of hard work to reach this high level of expertise and gain such awards, gold competencies and advanced specializations.
Fasten your seatbelt .. More advanced specializations, awards and gold competencies are coming.
INSOMEA can help your organization in cloud management, procurement, transformation, and enablement, do not hesitate to contact us.

About us:

A Microsoft Cloud Partner since 2018, INSOMEA gained a great deal of experience.
Awarded partner of the year 2020 in Bahrein & Partner of the year 2021 in Tunisia, INSOMEA collaborates closely with Microsoft to deliver advanced cost-effective solutions to its clients in order to increase their productivity and revenue and promote innovation.